Wonder Dynamics

Wonder Studio has introduced a revolutionary AI tool that takes the art of animation, lighting, and composition of CG characters to the next level by placing them into a live-action scene with remarkable ease. The best part is, you don’t require any fancy or costly production hardware or complex 3D software. You only need a simple camera.

Gone are the days of working on a shot-by-shot basis. The artist can now effortlessly upload their CG character model onto a single shot or an entire sequence, and the system will automatically detect cuts and track the actor throughout the scene.

This system automatically detects the actor’s performance based on camera footage. Then you can transfer it to the CG character of your choice, which is then animated, lit, and composed automatically. So you need not use heavy frame-by-frame VFX work.

The Wonder Studio AI tool is adaptive to an existing pipeline, automating 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work and leaving the artist with the remaining “subjective” work, which can be exported into the software they already use. Additionally, artists can upload their own 3D models or choose from a collection of free characters available in the artist community.

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