Wavel AI

Wavel AI can take your video production to the next level by generating ultra-realistic voiceover performances and dubbing in over 20 global languages at lightning-fast speed, while also generating impressively accurate subtitles. With over 50+ features, including diverse export formats and 12+ integrations, such as YouTube and Vimeo, Wavel makes it easy to create videos that attract more viewers in less time.

Wavel’s AI-powered voiceover generator provides a range of humanistic voices to choose from, allowing you to emphasize specific words and add emotion to otherwise dull voices. The voiceovers are so realistic that you won’t even realize it’s AI-generated. With the subtitle editor, you can overcome language barriers by generating subtitles in not only 20+ languages but also go multilingual, making your content accessible worldwide.

Wavel’s AI Dubbing studio enables you to dub your videos in 20+ languages, providing diverse sets of dubbed voices without breaking the bank. This feature enables you to scale geographies and build a truly global audience without allocating a large budget. With the caption and subtitle editor, you can create quality captions and choose your own formats and styles to best suit your video.

Wavel’s intelligent speech-to-text AI and text-to-speech AI allow you to rephrase and repurpose your videos with subtitles that are astoundingly accurate. With the Video In Video Out process, you can dub videos in any language, close to real-time within a few clicks.

With Wavel’s AI caption generator, you can increase your video reach and provide a remarkable experience to your audience. Whether it’s from YouTube to Tiktok, Wavel has considered all your needs.

100 AI Credits Equals

  • 100 Minutes of Transcription
  • 50 Minutes of Subtitles
  • 100 Minutes of Voice Over
  • 33 Minutes of Dubbing
  • 1 credit = 1min of Captions and Transcription
  • 2 credits = 1min of Translation & Subtitles (Captions Included)
  • 1 credit = 1min of Voiceover
  • 2 credits = 1min of Voice Change (Captions included)
  • 3 credits = 1min of Dubbing (Captions+Subtitles included)
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