User Evaluation

User Evaluation offers an AI-driven platform to help businesses save time and gain valuable insights from their customer research data. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can quickly and accurately understand their customers on a deeper level.

The platform allows users to upload various types of content, including audio, video, text, and CSV files, and collect insights organized on a Kanban board. With intelligent AI-driven chat, users can effortlessly analyze uploaded sessions and gain meaningful insights in just moments. The chat function, similar to ChatGPT, understands the data and keeps a record of previous messages, allowing users to brainstorm ideas based on customer conversations.

User Evaluation also streamlines the writing process for research by enabling users to generate interview summaries, trend analysis reports, and other research documents in minutes with the help of AI. The Ask AI feature allows users to draft research plans and results, add rich text to their pages, and share pages with their team and outside their organization.

It integrate with over 100 popular apps, including Google Drive, Zoom, and Zapier, making it easy for teams to unify their tools and collaborate seamlessly.

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