Pencil, a groundbreaking AI ad generator, is revolutionizing the way brands and agencies create ad variations by a whopping 10 times faster.

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About Pencil

It offers the ideal combination of generative AI and creative humans to achieve the ultimate ad creative results that are fast, easy, and cost-effective, all while delivering impeccable outcomes.

By integrating with your ad accounts, Pencil obtains crucial data that offers insights into winning ads, provides training predictions, and teaches you to learn from them. The AI tool’s utility is further amplified when connected to your store or assets library, allowing you to import branding, images, videos, and product information.

Using Pencil, you can create new static and video ad creatives within minutes. Alternatively, you can receive expertly crafted ad creatives from your very own Creative Assistant. Pencil’s algorithm only lets you run the ads that are most likely to perform, based on a whopping dataset of over $1B in ad spend, guaranteeing that you only work with the crème de la crème.

Stop wasting time and money on manual ad creation when most ads do not perform. Instead, automate creative production with Pencil’s ad generator and take a well-deserved sigh of relief. Pencil’s editor offers the flexibility to make simple edits in real-time, ensuring you achieve the perfect result every time.

With Pencil, you gain complete clarity on what’s working in your ads and what isn’t, allowing you to see what copy, creatives, and design elements are common across your winning and losing ads. Pencil Benchmarks also inform you how you’re performing against your sector, including the tactics and creative angles you should use to get ahead of the curve.