Movmi AI

Movmi Store offers a collection of 3D characters that are free to use for motion developers, providing them with the freedom to use them in their development. The store features a library of full-body character animations in various poses and actions.

The company behind Movmi, founded to develop powerful computer vision technology, has built advanced AI algorithms to achieve revolutionary solutions for human pose estimation. Their qualified software provides animators and motion developers with a tool that helps save time during the creation of 3D humanoid animation projects. The software exports a universally-used output file, the FBX file, that can be used in any 3D environment.

With Movmi’s AI-powered motion capture tool, users can create 3D animations from video without the need for suits or hardware. The whole capturing process runs on the cloud, eliminating the need for high-end devices. Media shots from any camera can be used, ranging from smartphones to professional cameras, and in any lifestyle scene, including those with multiple humans, such as fights or conversations.

Movmi’s tool supports three armatures: Huma Meta-Rig, Human Rig, and Basic Human Rig. The Movmi Store provides a collection of full-textured characters that can be used in cartoon, fantasy, and CG projects. Users can browse the store for full-body character animations of various poses and actions, which can be used with any Movmi character.


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