Momentum io

Momentum offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your team’s pipeline management and closing rates. It utilizes automated MEDDIC, call summaries, notifications, and deal rooms to connect Salesforce and other revenue stack tools.

The platform features dozens of pre-built recipes, which enable reps to follow appropriate steps to keep Salesforce up-to-date and inform stakeholders of the deal’s progress.

Momentum captures AI-powered notes and tasks after calls, automatically syncing them to Salesforce and Slack. This feature streamlines the process and saves time.

The Deal Rooms, Notifications, and Approval motions provide unparalleled visibility into the deal process. It keeps the critical fields updated without the need for heavy lifting from your team.

Moreover, Momentum empowers your reps to work efficiently across departments and teams. The platform streamlines the process of requesting an engineer, asking for approvals, redlining MSAs, and other related tasks.

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