LensAI offers an AI-powered computer vision ad solution that analyzes visual content to improve targeting by identifying objects, logos, actions, and context to match them with relevant ads. This solution benefits all stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem by providing advanced in-image and in-video advertising capabilities.

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About LensAI

LensAI offers an AI-powered contextual advertising solution that utilizes computer vision to monetize any visual content and improve targeting through an object, logo, action, and context identification, matching them with relevant ads. This innovative solution introduces previously unoccupied in-image and in-video ad slots that receive users’ maximum attention without the need for manual work or pre-processing.

LensAI’s intelligent ads are less intrusive, eye-pleasing, highly relevant to the content, and unobtrusively placed, featuring clickable shopping options. This approach delivers significant ROI for marketing investments by creating a unique associative advertising algorithm that taps into users’ emotions and creates an urge to buy.

As the future of contextual advertising in a privacy-first-and-foremost world, LensAI believes in delivering relevant ads to users without tracking them and eroding their trust through third-party cookies. The efficient monetization of desktop and mobile web traffic is achieved by prioritizing ad quality over quantity. LensAI also equips publishers with tools to tune ad campaigns in a native way to any screen environment, resulting in skyrocketed advertising conversions.

LensAI’s contextual engine enables ideal ad delivery by embedding ads directly into relevant visual content at the very same moment users are consuming that content, allowing advertisers to reach maximum engagement. Their engaging ad formats are designed to look like shopping hints users may have seen in video games rather than traditional ads.

Recently, one of the largest web video players in the US announced its partnership with LensAI, and soon its clients will unlock new streams of revenue from shoppable and contextual inventory generated by LensAI, available for purchase via direct and programmatic deals. Globally, LensAI is changing the world of advertising by doing what seemed impossible before.