Hubble is a platform that enables product and design teams to collect continuous user feedback to enhance their product’s user experience. Traditional user research solutions are not efficient in gathering contextual user experience data. Real-time user interviews are insightful but not scalable. Hubble provides engaging in-product components for contextual surveys at any point in the user journey.

The platform monitors the insights continuously over time, reducing internal resources used to collect and summarize user experience insights. Hubble also offers usability testing, concept testing, and recruitment for user interviews during ideation.

The platform provides real-time monitoring of user experience metrics, generates automated reports with key insights, and shares them with stakeholders. Hubble offers customized contextual surveys for collecting any type of product feedback, including usability testing and feature satisfaction.

The platform provides real user insights data anytime, anywhere, and saves time when summarizing results by generating on-demand reports. Hubble elevates user experience intelligence to another level by providing customizable studies to learn and enhance the product’s user experience.

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