How to Use for Free is a highly sophisticated AI-driven instrument which proficiently checks the authenticity and individuality of written content. It is an ideal resource for students, content creators and professional writers alike, offering the benefits of identifying probable instances of plagiarism and upholding the credibility of their work. This guide will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to avail the remarkable features of absolutely free of cost. utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze text and compare it against a vast database of sources to identify similarities or potential instances of plagiarism. It provides detailed reports highlighting the sections of text that may require further review or revision.

Register for Access

To utilize, it is necessary to create an account. Access the website and proceed to the registration page. Input the mandatory details, including your full name, email address, and establish a strong password. Comply with the guidelines provided to finalize the registration procedure.

Access for Free offers a free tier that allows users to access limited features and perform a certain number of content checks. Once you’ve registered, log in to your account. You’ll have access to the free tier by default, which provides basic functionality for checking your content’s originality. for Content Checks

To use for content checks, navigate to the appropriate section or tool within the platform. Depending on the available features in the free tier, you’ll be able to upload or copy-paste your content for analysis. The tool will compare your text against its database and generate a report indicating any potential matches or instances of plagiarism.

Leverage API also offers an API that enables integration with other applications or services. While the free tier may have limitations on API access, you can explore the API documentation provided by to understand the integration process and make use of the available features.

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Best Practices for

  1. Check early and often: Incorporate content checks into your writing process from the beginning to catch any unintentional similarities or potential issues.
  2. Understand fair use and citations: Familiarize yourself with proper citation practices and guidelines for using external sources in your work. can help identify instances where proper citation may be required.
  3. Review and revise: Examine the detailed reports generated by and carefully review any flagged sections. Make necessary revisions to ensure your content is original and properly cited.
  4. Use as a learning tool: can help you understand potential areas of improvement in your writing. Learn from the analysis and strive to enhance your originality and writing skills.

Conclusion offers a valuable solution for checking content originality and avoiding unintentional plagiarism. By utilizing the free tier of, you can access basic features and perform content checks to ensure the uniqueness of your written work. Remember to follow best practices, review reports carefully, and use the tool as a means to enhance your writing skills.


Can I use for academic purposes?

Yes, can be a valuable tool for students to check their academic work for originality. However, ensure you follow your institution’s guidelines regarding plagiarism detection tools.

What file formats does support? supports various file formats, including commonly used formats like TXT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF. Check the documentation or platform for the complete list of supported formats.

Is compatible with languages other than English?

Yes, supports multiple languages. The tool’s language detection capabilities enable it to analyze content written in different languages.

Can I upgrade to a premium plan for additional features?

Yes, offers premium plans that provide access to advanced features, increased content checks, and additional support. Check the website for more information on premium plans and their pricing.