How to Use Midjourney Remix Mode

Midjourney Remix Mode is a powerful feature that allows you to customize and personalize your midjourney coloring experience. By activating Remix Mode, you can explore various options to modify existing coloring pages and prompts, making them truly unique to your preferences and creative vision. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using Midjourney Remix Mode step by step.

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What is Midjourney Remix Mode?

Midjourney Remix Mode is a dynamic feature that enables you to remix and transform coloring pages and prompts according to your artistic style and individual needs. It gives you the freedom to modify existing content, allowing for a more personalized and engaging coloring experience.

Activate Midjourney Remix Mode

To activate Midjourney Remix Mode and start customizing your coloring experience, follow these steps:

To utilize Midjourney’s coloring tool in remix mode, access either the app or website and select the corresponding tab. Search for the designated ‘Remix Mode’ indicator, commonly situated within the settings or toolbar. To activate this mode, simply click or tap on the ‘Remix Mode’ button.

Once activated, you will enter the Remix Mode interface, where you can explore and customize various aspects of your coloring pages and prompts.

Explore Remix Options

In Remix Mode, you will find a range of options to modify and enhance your coloring experience. Here are some of the common remix options you can explore:

Users can select from an extensive assortment of color palettes or fashion their own custom palette to employ while coloring. They have the option to experiment with diverse brush styles and sizes to generate distinctive textures and effects.

Users can alter the background of their coloring page to suit their particular mood or theme. Personalization is possible with the modification of the existing prompts or the creation of new ones to enhance the coloring experience.

Furthermore, users can apply a range of artistic effects like watercolor, oil painting, or sketch to give their coloring pages a unique look and feel. The inclusion of textures such as paper grain or canvas textures in coloring pages provides a more tactile and realistic experience.

These options provide you with the flexibility to adapt and customize your coloring pages according to your preferences and creative ideas.

Customize Your Remix

Now you can customize your coloring pages. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Opt for a coloring page or prompt that you intend to customize.
  2. Select a color palette and brush style that aligns with your artistic perspective.
  3. Try out distinct backgrounds to determine the one that complements your coloring method and subject.
  4. Personalize the prompts by integrating your own quotes, affirmations, or questions that motivate you.
  5. Incorporate artistic effects or textures to produce a distinct and individualized appearance for your coloring pages.
  6. Feel free to experiment and explore various combinations of colors, styles, and effects until you attain the intended outcome.

Remember, the goal is to create a coloring experience that reflects your individuality and allows for self-expression.

Save and Share Your Remix

Now its time to save and share your remix. Here’s what you can do:

  1. To preserve your remix, kindly save it in the Midjourney app or website by adhering to the given storage instructions.
  2. To enable social media sharing or personal use printing, export your remix as an image file to your device.
  3. Participate in Midjourney challenges and contests by uploading your remix to the Midjourney gallery or joining in the community fun.

Sharing your remix allows you to inspire others, receive feedback, and connect with fellow coloring enthusiasts.


Midjourney Remix Mode empowers you to take control of your coloring experience and infuse it with your personal style and creativity. By activating Remix Mode, exploring various options, and customizing your coloring pages, you can create a truly unique and engaging coloring journey. So, unleash your imagination and start remixing!


  1. Is Midjourney Remix Mode available on all devices? Yes, Midjourney Remix Mode is generally available on both the app and website versions of Midjourney. However, specific device compatibility may vary.
  2. Can I revert to the original coloring pages after remixing them? Yes, you can always revert to the original coloring pages by deactivating Remix Mode or selecting the reset option within the customization menu.
  3. Are there any limitations to the customization options in Remix Mode? The customization options in Remix Mode may vary depending on the features and tools offered by the Midjourney app or website. Some advanced options may be available through premium subscriptions or upgrades.
  4. Can I use my own images in Remix Mode? While the ability to use personal images may vary, some versions of Midjourney may allow you to import and remix your own images for coloring.
  5. How often can I use Midjourney Remix Mode? You can use Midjourney Remix Mode as frequently as you like. It is designed to provide flexibility and enhance your coloring experience whenever you feel the need for customization.