How to Use Bing AI on PC & MAC

Undeniably, the search engine industry is witnessing a significant shift due to the advancements in artificial intelligence. Recently, we have observed various iterations of ChatGPT exhibiting greater sophistication than its predecessors. In response to ChatGPT’s release, other major engines like Google have introduced their own AI-based platform, the Brad. Under the current scenario, where every player is enhancing its AI infrastructure, Microsoft has also stepped up with its AI-powered search engine, Bing. In this article, we shall discuss Bing AI and its usage on both PC and Mac platforms.

Accessing Bing AI on a PC

To make use of Bing AI on your personal computer, launch a web browser and head to the Bing website ( Upon reaching the webpage, you can start utilizing the AI capabilities by inputting your search queries into the search bar.

Another option is to obtain and install the Bing Search application for PC via the Microsoft Store. After installation, launch the application and utilize the search bar to enter your inquiries. The application offers a more efficient and optimized usage of Bing AI on your personal computer.

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Accessing Bing AI on Mac

To access Bing AI on your Mac, you only need to open a web browser and visit the Bing website using the link Once there, simply input your search queries into the search bar to utilize the features offered by Bing AI. It is worth noting that while there is no specific Bing Search app for Mac, you can still access Bing AI on your preferred browser by visiting the website.

To avail of the updated version of Bing, you may register for Microsoft’s waiting list. The company assures that the process will be expedited for those who opt to install the Bing app and set it as their default search engine. If you are keen on accessing the feature immediately, visiting the Bing site after clearing the waiting list will enable you to utilize the innovative AI tool.

How To Use Bing AI On PC & Mac?

To begin the process of joining the Bing Browser waitlist, access Microsoft Bing Browser on your PC or Mac and search for in the search bar. Click on the “Join the waitlist” button and log in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, create an account first to proceed. Upon successful login, you will receive a notification indicating your waitlist status. To expedite the process, click on the “Access the new Bing faster” button.

Next, you can set Bing as your default search engine by installing the Bing search extension from the Chrome web store. To do so, select “Microsoft defaults” in Google Chrome and log in with your Google account before adding the extension to your browser.

First, install the app on your phone. There are two options for downloading the app – utilizing your phone’s camera to scan the QR code for the app’s download page or inputting your phone number to receive a link via text message upon clicking “Microsoft Bing App.” Once completed, you must wait for access.

You can immediately test the new Bing with the provided sample prompts. On the original website, navigate to the “Ask anything” section and select “Try it on Bing” to view the combined search results and the Bing chatbot’s responses in a sidebar on the right. Regardless of your position on the waitlist, the demo questions can be utilized to explore the new Bing capabilities.

Advanced features and customization options

Bing AI provides an extensive range of advanced features and customization options that cater to your unique search requirements. To access personalized search settings, simply login to your Microsoft account. From there, you can customize search preferences, including location settings, search history, and interests, to obtain more relevant search results.

The seamless integration of Bing AI with other Microsoft services such as Office 365 and Outlook enables convenient access to your documents, emails, and calendar events straight from the search results.

You can further enhance the functionality of Bing AI by installing extensions or plugins for your web browser, which offer additional features, including ad-blocking, translation tools, and productivity enhancements.

Similar to ChatGPT, Bing will soon offer conversational capabilities to its users. This new feature will allow users to ask more precise and current queries and receive prompt responses. It is a function that ChatGPT presently lacks.

Despite the conversational feature, users can still anticipate the standard search results from Bing, accompanied by a single response derived from various websites. In addition, Bing’s AI has the capability to manage complex requests such as identifying code errors, creating question papers, and teaching coding from scratch.

Moreover, users of the new Edge browser will have access to innovative sidebar features referred to as “chat” and “compose.” The chat feature offers a summary of the information on the loaded page, whereas the compose feature allows users to generate material in response to a prompt.


Bing AI provides a powerful and intelligent search experience for PC and Mac users. By accessing Bing through the website or the Bing Search app, you can utilize advanced features, personalize settings, and enhance your search productivity.