Clean, enrich, and qualify leads using AI: Use GPT to automatically research and answer questions about your leads.

Person name to LinkedIn URL: Find individual LinkedIn profile URLs for all of your leads starting from a list of full names.

LinkedIn profile scraper: Scrape information like job experience, education, and more from a list of LinkedIn profile URLs.

Qualify leads by LinkedIn profile: Use LinkedIn to qualify leads based on parameters such as location, job title, and other criteria.

Qualify leads by website text: Scrape text from websites and use it to qualify leads according to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Company name to website URL: Find and validate the website URLs of companies starting from a list of their names.

Clean up names for email campaigns: Flag and correct corrupt names (e.g. José McDonald) before your next email campaign, including special characters, improper title case, misspelled names, and concatenated entries.

Find Bloomberg tickers for a company: Given a list of company names, find their Bloomberg tickers (e.g. DoorDash to DASH.US).

Categorize company by industry: Use Google and Double to determine a company’s industry.

Find location of a company: Use Google and Double to find the headquarters of a company.

Qualify leads by job title: Qualify sales leads based on their LinkedIn profile job titles.

Scrape website text: Extract text from a website and use Double to answer any questions about the content.

Clean up phone numbers: Standardize phone numbers to your ideal format, even if they are in varying formats.

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