Input a prompt and obtain a comprehensive inventory of data pertaining to the said prompt. As an illustration, if you submit “Automobile Brands” as your prompt, the artificial intelligence will provide a directory of automobile manufacturers along with their respective countries of origin.


Anote is an AI-assisted data labeling platform that significantly boosts the speed of labeling unstructured text data. Utilizing few-shot learning, Anote efficiently labels data using a minimal amount of labeled examples and harnesses state-of-the-art transformer models for accuracy faster than traditional labeling methods. Additionally, Anote …

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The editGPT feature enhances the user experience by facilitating content proofreading, editing and change tracking within chatGPT. It is seamlessly integrated as a browser add-on compatible with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Magical AI

Introducing Magical AI, your exceptional AI writing assistant, now available for Chrome and Edge browsers absolutely free! With Magical AI, you can effortlessly craft messages from scratch, swiftly update forms, automate tedious tasks, and draft sales outreach emails or customer responses with remarkable ease. Its …

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