Holler is a highly efficient and robust survey development and analysis platform that facilitates creating and disseminating of elegant and uncomplicated one-question surveys. The collected data can be analyzed using AI-powered prompts effortlessly, significantly reducing your workload.

Imaginary Programming

Imaginary Programming is a cutting-edge tool that leverages the power of TypeScript and OpenAI’s GPT engine to aid front-end developers in integrating artificial intelligence into their projects. With Imaginary Programming, developers are empowered to establish a TypeScript function prototype devoid of implementation, leaving the rest …

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HoustonAI represents an exploratory endeavor aimed at creating an automatic assistance bot (documentation) that caters to the needs of Astro users. The sophisticated technology of GPT-3, LangChain, and the Astro documentation website provides the necessary support for this venture.

Question Base

Question Base is an AI-enabled repository of information designed to assist teams with rapid responses to questions posed on Slack. It actively surveils discussions and delivers answers within three seconds. During its beta phase, Question Base is free to use. Pricing options will be made …

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FitForge utilizes advanced AI technology to produce individualized workout schemes that assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. Our tailor-made approach creates a personalized fitness progression, offering you the resources to reveal your most robust self.

Arxiv Summary Generator

Our platform offers cutting-edge AI-based summarization and Natural Language Processing features using industry-standard tools such as NLTK library and python-Sumy library. With the integration of sophisticated OpenAI engines – Davinci and Curie, we have enhanced the accuracy and speed of generating summaries from vast research …

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This proficient tool proffers segmented TED Talks to peruse, along with brief synopses of each accessible TED Talk. Additionally, it empowers users to contrast akin TED Talks, which facilitates a more profound comprehension.