Caffeinated CX

Caffeinated CX is an AI-powered autofill tool designed to help your customer support team resolve support tickets 10 times faster. We work seamlessly with all supported software and are constantly adding more integrations.

Our AI is trained using your data, which allows Caffeinated to respond to customers’ inquiries based on your team’s past responses. We are compatible with any support software, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Intercom, and many more.

Caffeinated AI is built to make your job easier, and we guarantee 10 times more customer support efficiency or your money back. Our focus is on empowering your customer success team to work faster and smarter, not on replacing them.

What sets Caffeinated AI apart is our unparalleled efficiency, superpowered technology, and commitment to empowering your team. Our AI is always evolving based on your team’s responses, so if you change your criteria for cancellations or discounts, Caffeinated AI will automatically take note.

We understand that great customer support is essential for business growth, and we built Caffeinated AI to help your team achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

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