ABtesting.ai is an A/B testing platform designed to optimize landing page conversion rates. This website boasts an automated and user-friendly approach to A/B testing. It requires no prior knowledge to use. The platform promises to work in an unattended manner, allowing users to simply set up the initial parameters and let the AI algorithm take care of the rest.

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About ABtesting.ai

By inputting your webpage URL, you can concoct numerous distinct alternatives for your title, copy, and call to action. The feasible permutations and combinations of these alternatives can be overwhelmingly copious.

Not to worry, though, our artificial intelligence system is well-equipped to identify and discern the most appropriate and suitable title, copy, and CTA for your page. Our software is adept at automatically recommending a diverse range of variations for your page based on your inputs. Additionally, our system can automatically detect your conversion event, making the whole process streamlined and hassle-free.

You can easily incorporate our software into your webpage by installing our WordPress or Wix plugin, or by adding our compact Javascript snippet code to your webpage’s code. Rest assured, our code snippet is extremely small, less than 1KB, and won’t have any noticeable impact on your webpage’s performance when running tests.

We initiate the first experiment with a selection of the variations you created, and employ a multi-armed bandit approach to run the test.

Thanks to the multi-armed bandit algorithm, there’s very little chance that your total conversion rate will decline during the experiment. This algorithm operates by displaying the most successful variation more frequently, ensuring that you won’t lose any conversions during the testing process.

After the experiment reaches statistical significance, we use AI to find the best combination of the variations that were successful. Specifically, we employ an evolutionary algorithm to mix and mutate the variations to create the next batch of tests.

Using an evolutionary algorithm allows us to find the optimal variation more quickly than if we were to try every possible combination. We also run our experiments in batches, so you can benefit from A/B testing even with lower levels of traffic on your site.

We continue to run new experiments and repeat this process until we find the combination that maximizes conversions.