With Alice, the AI-enabled digital worker from 11x, you can now have an expert Sales Development Representative on your team. Alice has consumed trillions of bytes of data, making her the best in the world at what she does. By hiring Alice, you can supercharge your sales and take your company to the next level.

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About 11x.ai

At 11x, you can choose the perfect AI digital worker to fit your business needs. The workers effortlessly integrate with your existing tools and systems which allows them to start delivering results right away. you can automate tedious work and focus on your core mission with AI workers, and have an army of customized workers at your disposal.

Its vision is to create a future where businesses can hire AI workers in the same way they hire human workers. It specializes in building and selling AI digital workers that can perform the end-to-end tasks of knowledge workers.

All the workers on the platform are pre-trained using AI models to perform tasks better than humans can. You can communicate with your AI worker, track their progress, and receive daily reports to ensure transparency and efficiency.

It created the first AI digital workers by itself, and soon we’ll give everyone the technology to create any custom AI worker they need. With 11x, the future of work is already here.